04 October 2015

fall cometh

Fall means that the sweet potatoes are fresh again. I had to give them up over the summer, when they started getting stringy and tasteless. But it's fall now, and fall is sweet potato season. I was pretty pleased to start making my walks to the store again to pick up a paper bag of them. 

"Jewels or Garnets?" the woman at the cash register asked. 

"Garnets," I said firmly, because who would eat Jewels if Garnets were available? They are so much deeper orange and more delicious.

Fall means that there is a witch-ghost hanging in the window at the tea place. It appears to be a which hat with white chiffon hanging from it. The chiffon has two black ovals for eyes. It's kind of cute.

Fall means that I put on jeans and my favorite long-sleeved t-shirt this evening, because the dress I wore during the day was not going to do it when the wind kicked up, chill now after a very warm summer.

I was secretly hoping this glorious, hot summer was going to go on forever. We set a record this year for days over 90 degrees F and days over 80 degrees F. It was fantastic.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that the leaves were starting to change, even as the weather stayed hot. It's like fall just shows up, no matter what you do.* Sigh. 


* There is, obviously, nothing one can do to keep summer around. That doesn't stop me from trying.

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