27 August 2015


There was some sort of truck making some sort of awful noise outside my window for about four hours this yesterday two mornings ago.* It also smelled some sort of chemically. I had to shut all the windows and gently roast inside my apartment. (It's not that hot out anymore, but it is sunny and this house is completely lacking in, oh, insulation, having been built quite a few years ago.)

I know everyone has been waiting breathlessly for an update on my shoulder nerve impingement situation. 

It's getting better, I think. It's slow, but I can sleep at night without medication and without waking from pain, which seems like an improvement. I slept on it funny last night, and still it's not bad enough to take ibuprofen.

I seem to have more movement in it, although I still can't lift it past shoulder level without pain when it is straight. I can lift it past shoulder level with my elbow bent and my hand straight up - I couldn't do that a week ago.

So that is good. 

* I opened this screen yesterday two days ago and then forgot about it. Oops.

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