25 August 2015

a place to sleep

I spent seven straight hours yesterday working on a job application, and it was late by the time I had a chance to take a walk. 

I finally left the house to walk around the neighborhood at 10:40 pm. 

It turns out that this is about the time that houseless people find a place to bed down for the night. One man was arranging things in his car. Another was settling in on the grass at the elementary school. A third walked by me with a bag that might have been bedding.

It was warm last night. It is summer.

I found myself wondering where they go in the rain and cold, in the winter. 

Right now, the sun will wake you up early enough to leave the school property. What happens in the winter, when the kids arrive and you are still asleep?

Living outside is complicated.

In the nicer neighborhood across the way, there are no houseless people making themselves a place to sleep. All is quiet. I like it quiet, at night. I like the silence. I like being the only person moving about.


P.S. I can hear a houseless woman going through my recycling for the cans right now. My heart is warmed.

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