19 July 2015


It's hot again. 

I read online that it's been almost two years since my parents' part of the Mitten has been over 90 degrees F (32 degrees C). We've been over 90 degrees F here, oh, 15 days so far this year?

It's to the point where I don't even mind temperatures between 90-95. It's only when it gets above 95 F (35 C) that I even notice. 

It's 97 right now.* 

The houses here are built for neither heat nor cold. I've tried doing that thing where you let the cool night air in and then close the house up during the day, but somehow it still gets hot in there. I mean, really hot. Hotter than it is outside hot.

When my momma was getting ready for her trip here, I kept saying, "But it cools off at night! You can sleep, because it cools off at night!" And this is true. Even last night I pulled up a second layer of covers in the middle of the night. 

But during the day it is hot enough that even I don't want to be outside much. Even me! Even the girl who goes out into the sunshine every chance she gets!

Tea shop it is.

It's hard to really feel hungry in this kind of heat, but I think I drink my day's calories in sugary liquid substances. 


* It's not 97 anymore. I wrote that yesterday and then went off to do things like listen to jazz in a park, so there. It's 93 now.

** Okay, it's 97 again. 

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