20 April 2015


The person who thought of the ceiling fan was a genius. Ditto the person who put a ceiling fan into a rental apartment. 

If I had thought of it, I should have been using the fan all winter to move the warm air (slowly) around the room, instead of just turning it on now that the temperature is rising to an entire 80 degrees F during the day. 

But I just remembered it yesterday when I came home all glowing (read: sweating) from my 27 mile bike ride, turned on the fan, and cast myself like a starfish onto my bed to gather all the breeze I could. 

I think I'll keep it. You will have to pry this apartment from my cold, dead hands. Unless they raise the rent. In which case, see you later, apartment. Then I'll just have to install a ceiling fan wherever I move, because now that I've tried the ceiling fan, there is no going back. 

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