19 April 2015

back on the bike

Yesterday I girded up my courage and rode my bike across town to a women's soccer game. (The girding part was for the biking in the city, not the attending of the soccer game, although when my roommate offered me the ticket, he said, "You won't be the only girl there. [Girl I'm seeing] will also be there." Yes, right. Because my primary concern about attending a women's sporting event would be that I would be the only woman there. I love living in a town where groups of men attend women's sporting events just for love of the sport.)

"I almost got hit by a car and then as I was looking at the car that almost hit me, I almost hit pedestrians," I announced when I got to the game. 

"The key word there is 'almost'," J. said. "You are fine."

After the game (we won! yay! and there were MANY other women there), the group of us raced through the city - it turns out biking is faster than the train in downtown - and ended up on a pier reaching out into the river, watching the sun set. Periodically kayakers would debark at the end of the pier, pick up their watercraft, and drip-drip-drip their way past us up to the parking area.

This afternoon I met two friends around the same spot, only we went south on our bikes, along the water, and then west toward the mountain. 

I wore sunscreen two days in a row. 

I might have a sunburn anyway.

In April.

"We live in California now," someone said at the game last night, and it appears to be true. California no longer has rain, and we have California's former weather.

I rode my bike for 27 miles today. My legs are sore and my butt is sore (I need a better seat), and it feels pretty awesome to be tired and sun-swept.

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