26 March 2015

good and bad

Good news: I have my window open. It was 70 degrees today, and it's supposed to be the same tomorrow.

Good news: I don't have to get up until 7 tomorrow morning. (IT'S LIKE A MIRACLE.)

Good news: I have dentist appointment tomorrow, and I can't wait to have clean teeth.

Good news: I gave myself the gift of driving alone today. I jammed out to some embarrassing music. There may have been shameless singing in the car.

Good news: My bike is up and running again.

Good news: I went for a hike on Saturday. It turns out that running the stairs at intervals throughout the day (I'm up to four sets of three, for 12 total ascents) is actually keeping my lung capacity up enough that I can hike. I am impressed.

Bad news: My sinuses are swollen from allergies, which makes my gums swell, and the dentist is going to think I have gum disease.

Bad news: I managed to wedge a splinter of wood deep under my fingernail today. Options: cut off a large amount of fingernail that is still attached to the nail bed to get it out, or let it work its way out and hope it doesn't fester. I am going with option 2. So far.

Bad news: I thought a 15 mile meetup bike ride in the predicted rain was too much on Sunday after hiking on Saturday, so I cancelled. But then it didn't rain, so I went for my own little spin to get used to riding again. Of course I did not wear rain gear, because I wasn't going that far and it wasn't raining. (You can start laughing now.) I ended up soaked to the skin and shivering in the library. When I left after an hour, it was no longer raining, but I was still damp through all my cotton clothes, and I froze to death and now I am dead.

Bad news: sweet potato season seems to be over. This cannot be. What am I supposed to eat for dinner now? I look forward to my sweet potato every evening. 

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