15 March 2015

all i care about is sleep right now

This time of year, I never do know whether I am getting sick or I'm just allergic to the amazing profusion of flowers that have deigned to join us in the city. It's the right side of my throat. It will not stop with the paining.

I guess I'm about to find out whether this is sick or allergy, because I ran out of elderberry today and I forgot to buy more at the store. 

Either way, I spent just about the entire weekend trying to sleep enough to be well. 

I was so tired on Friday night that I started drifting off in the middle of a conversation with my roommate. We were talking in the hallway, and I opened the door to my room and laid down, mid-sentence, and started to drift off. It might have been a touch rude.

I slept for ten hours that night, and two more on Saturday afternoon, which did not stop me from sleeping 9.5 hours last night, and being ready to go to bed early tonight. 

Early being 9 pm. Yesssssss. This is happening.

Good night.

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