04 February 2015


At 6:35 pm, as we were dispersing to our own cars, I said to my carpool mates, "See you in 12 hours and 10 minutes."

When the evenings are so short, there is time to do one thing and one thing only in an evening. I can pick something up at the store or I can go for a walk or I can cook something to eat the rest of the week. You get the idea.

The one thing that I cannot do in an evening is laundry. By the time I got the clothes in the dryer, it would be time to take a shower, and that would be a problem because my towel would be in the dryer. 

The natural next question is, "Why do you have only one towel?" and the answer is that I used to have three towels until I moved to the Mitten and left one there, and then I had two towels, and then when I moved into this apartment I bought a new towel that matched the bathroom, so then I had three towels again, and now two of them are stuffed under my two closet doors to keep the cold draft from coming into my bedroom, leaving me with only one towel in useable rotation. 

So that is the story on why I have only one towel. 

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