27 February 2015


I am so tired that just now when I tried to get off the stool where I sat to eat my dinner, I reeled drunkenly in a circle despite having consumed no alcohol. 

It isn't that my new job is stressful. Sometimes people suggest that it might be stressful, in a commiserating sort of manner, and I am forced to say (or sometimes just think), "Have you ever had a [Major Work Event]? Because those are stressful, and this is not."

Also, I don't work weekends. 

I need to stop and soak that in again. 

I don't work weekends.

Do you know how long it's been since I had a weekend where I didn't at least think, "I should be doing something related to my job" even if I didn't go in to work for a couple of hours or days?

Four and a half years. 

The weekdays are long, though. I get up at 5:30 am and I don't get home until almost 7 pm. I have just enough time to eat dinner before I start getting ready for bed.

That is fine, as long as I acknowledge that I cannot do anything but work and eat and sleep. The problem comes when, as this week, I start to try to do things like feng shui my room (Monday), and then re-feng shui my room because where I put the bed didn't work (Tuesday) and then stay late at work and get lost on my way to stop at C0stC0 (Wednesday) and then stop at three stores to get four items because the first one didn't have the right stuff (Thursday). 

I just have to stop doing anything in the evening except maybe stopping to pick up milk. 

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