28 February 2015


I managed to go to bed at a normal hour last night (namely, before 11 pm. on a Friday.) and so I actually got a real night of sleep for the first time in a month. 

I still set an alarm. I cannot afford to get off track with my sleeping.

A couple of friends met me downtown, where we went to a boutique sale and ate brunch and ran some errands. 

This afternoon, I was supposed to take a walk, but instead I pulled most of the unused boxes out of my closet. I've been hoarding them in case I have to move again, but that needs to stop. I live here now. 

Also I want my second closet to be something other than a pit of boxes. 

It was strangely emotional to break down the boxes. Some of them have my name and phone number written in my mom's handwriting from when she was here in Gone West 13 months ago, helping me pack up my things to move. Move where, I wasn't sure. Maybe the Mitten, or maybe nowhere. Some of them are still labeled from my Universe City - Gone West move.

Now they are just a stack of cardboard waiting to be put in the recycling bin. (I couldn't put them out there this weekend because the downstairs neighbors are moving, and they filled the bin to overflowing. Our kitchen trash is sitting out ready to be taken down Monday, too.)

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