03 January 2015


I arrived back in Gone West late on the 30th. As the plane taxied on the tarmac at the airport, there was a baby up in the front of the plane crying inconsolably. I was so deliriously tired that I sat there listening to the baby cry that exhausted cry for which there is no solution, and all I could think was, "I feel like crying like that."

The next morning, though, I woke up feeling relatively rested (much more rested than I expected), so I drove up to Other Pacific Northwest City. My friend D. lives in a suburb, and we drove into town for Eritrean food and then further into town for a molten lava cake. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home - D. was hoping they would have firewood, but we struck out on that - and the clock clicked over to 2015 while we were in the car driving home.

I didn't mind the lack of excitement over the changing of the year. All I wanted was to put 2014 behind me. 

D. and I made tea, and we sat and talked until I started dozing off sitting up.

New Year's Day was bright and cold, and I drove into the city to meet a friend from law school who was in town. There was drinking of tea in a sunny tea shop and browsing of books in an independent bookstore. The year started right, in other words. 

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