05 November 2014

[5] nom nom nom

I made the crucial mistake tonight of deciding to run a couple of errands before eating dinner. Look, I thought it would be easier, because I didn't have a sweet potato readily available at home, so I had to go out anyway, and I wanted to be back in time to make lentils and rice for lunch tomorrow.

I really should know better. 

By the time I drove through traffic to one store, walked a few blocks to another store, waited half an hour for a prescription that the pharmacy turned out not to have, waited in line to buy milk, walked back to my car, drove to another store with better produce, bought two sweet potatoes, got home, and started microwaving a sweet potato, I was dizzy and blind. I hope I didn't hit any of those cars parked along the street on the way home, not that I would remember if I had.*

But! It was a very good sweet potato, and the pomegranate that I ate about a third of afterward was stellar as well. 

I remember in law school once telling a health professional that I was not very good at eating, and she very carefully said, "What do you mean by that?" in the way that tells you that she is asking if you have an eating disorder, but what I really meant was that I tend not to feel hungry until I am RAGINGLY HUNGRY GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD NOM NOM NOM, which is sort of a problem when you are studying in the library until all hours and then suddenly you are too hungry to either 1. see the page, or 2. determine how and what to eat to get rid of the low blood sugar, especially when all stores in the immediate vicinity turn out to be closed because it is the middle of the night, weird, you haven't been outside in daylight hours in ages thanks to exams. It results in a lot of vending machine food.

I think the health professional suggested almonds, but have you tried eating almonds lately when your blood sugar is super low? It doesn't exactly pop it back up right away.

I've gotten a lot better about eating healthy food at regular intervals, never fear. 

The sweet potato did just fine. All is now well.

* (Kidding. Obviously)

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