27 November 2014

[27] dinner

I grew up with 1 p.m. Thanksgiving dinners, and the idea of having Thanksgiving dinner in the evening is a little strange to me. But 5 p.m. Thanksgiving dinners are How It's Done Out Here, at least among the people who have hosted my last three Thanksgivings. (None of whom are from here, come to think of it.) 

Maybe this has something to do with football schedules? I do not really pay attention to football, so I do not know.

I am a little thrown off by the 5 p.m. Thanksgiving dinner. There is no time for a walk afterward. And what if you have to work the next day? Also, what are you supposed to do all day?

There is an increasing trend of Turkey Trots, so there is that.

I did not sign up for a Turkey Trot, but I did get out and attempt one of the run/walk sessions that I did all summer.

I got out of the habit when I moved to the K.s' house for a month, and it's cold now - my lungs hate cold air - so it was tough going. I managed, though. Then 3/4 of the way through my run/walk, it started raining on me. I should expect that in Gone West in November, but for some reason I was surprised. I got out of my house before noon to run! Why would you do this to me, sky?

Now the house is filling with the smell of corn pudding. I am wearing sweatpants and reading a good book, and my ride picks me up in an hour. 

I guess I could get used to late Thanksgiving dinners.

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