26 November 2014

[26] cheese

I managed, by some feat of sheer happenstance, to miss the Thanksgiving traffic and grocery mob entirely today. I was far to the northeast of town at 4:45 pm, but I took back roads home that seemed exactly as busy as they would have been on a normal weekday. 

I walked straight up to the register - no line - at Trader Joe's, where I bought sparkling blood orange juice and club soda for tomorrow's beverage.

I walked straight up to the register - no line - at the regular grocery store, where I bought cheese. For eating. For nothing to do with Thanksgiving and everything to do with the fact that I pretty much live on cheese, and I like it. 

Every now and again someone talks about being vegan, and it's a lovely theory, really it is. I am sure it is probably better for the earth (although I hear that almonds are thirsty little nuts). But cheese and milk are my combined Waterloo.  I probably get 3/4 of my daily protein from dairy. Cashew cheese is not going to cut it.

We are Dutch, you know. Cheese is what got the Dutch through those long, cold, dreary winters. Cheese and milk and vla, all the good things in life. 

Come to think of it, I would probably be healthier if I existed solely on cheese and milk and ice cream. Maybe I'll give it a try.

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