02 November 2014

[2] clothes

Last year, working too many hours, I spent a lot of time shopping. I bought a ridiculous amount of clothing. It was all cheap. I am nothing if not a clearance rack shopper - the rest of the store does not exist to me, except maybe as a window into what might be available on the clearance rack in a couple of months. Still, I bought a lot of clothes. 

When I began to pack to move to the Mitten, I had over 125 pieces of clothing on hangers in my closet, which included pretty much just shirts and dresses. The rest (sweaters, pants, skirts) were in drawers and on shelves. It was a little horrifying, even to me.

I read recently that shopping tends to be a way that extroverted people deal with stress. I think that happened to me. Last year, I shopped because it was social but it only took a few minutes, whereas trying to schedule an actual thing with an actual friend took much longer.

I'm not shopping anymore, by necessity, and I don't really miss it. There are plenty of other things to do in life.

The one thing I keep contemplating is a new pair of jeans, but my sister has forbidden me from bringing any additional clothing into my closet, despite the fact that I only have one pair of blue jeans in actual rotation. 

(Is that weird? Dozens of skirts and dresses, one pair of blue jeans. Hmmm.) 

I will have to wear these jeans out first, I suppose. She can hardly protest the purchase of new jeans if these have holes in them.

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