01 November 2014

[1] tea

I always get variations on the same thing at the tea place, to the point where when I walk up to the counter, most of the staff say things like, "Are you still getting that with the #57?" and I say, "No, I'm doing the #49 right now," where #57 is the Vanilla Spice Chai and #49 is the Masala Chai, and I get both of them as a latte with roasted coconut steeped into it, sometimes hot and sometimes cold. 

Today I got the #57, hot. They used to bring it in a glass teapot with a candle underneath, like the one my Momma brought me from the Netherlands, but they have switched to metal teapots with no candle to keep the tea warm. 

Did too many of the glass ones break, I wonder? Were the candles a fire code violation?

I could ask, and maybe I will ask someday, but for now I have headphones in and work to do, so I will drink my lukewarm chai and wonder.

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