12 November 2014

[12] impending doom

The wind is still howling. Everyone is gearing up for potential snow oh no impending doom close the schools and workplaces before we even know if snow shall fall.

I am making normal plans for tomorrow, snow or no, because what is the point of learning to drive in a place with frequent snow storms if you can't go about your business when it snows in more moderate climates? 

I still have yet to use - despite purchasing them and then driving across the country in February - chains on my tires. Somehow I managed to sail through five winter storms in three days in the mountains of five states without ever actually needing to put chains on my tires. The big trucks did use them. (Side note: it was not until that drive that I realized that those chains that dangle down on the side of semi trailers? Those are for the tires. Also, they sometimes shred as the trucks drive, which is why you see pieces of chain in the middle of the highway on occasion. I had no idea.)

So yes, I plan to go about my day, albeit wearing my down sweater inside all day long (the PNW does not believe in such things as heating houses to a reasonable temperature), and, in fact, driving more than usual. Because I can. Because I know how to drive in snow, even though I will be surrounded by drivers who do not. 

Come to think of it, maybe I should stay home.

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