11 November 2014

[11] wind

The wind is blowing so hard that it feels like it might blow the house down, like the big bad wolf. The weather reports that gusts can be up to 65 mph, which is about what I drove through on my way to and from the Mitten earlier this year. I got pretty good, out in Wyoming, at holding my steering wheel at just the right angle to steer into the 60 mph wind coming at my car from about a 22 degree angle.

I bundled up in my winter dress coat today, with gloves. I should have worn a hat, because my hair whipped around my face, blinding me. 

At one point, I walked to a bus stop and stopped to look at the screen for when the next bus was coming. It was 8 minutes away, so I decided to walk up to the next bus stop rather than stand still in the cold. 

I turned, and a guy ran into me (I guess he expected me to stand still). "Oh, sorry," he said.

I took a step forward, unable to see anything, hair completely covering my face thanks to the wind, and tripped over the suitcase he was pulling. Oops.

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