06 August 2014

failure at naps, vegetarianism

Today was one of those days where I only managed to get up after five hours of sleep by promising myself that I would take a nap.

Famous last words.

Of course a bunch of things suddenly became urgent, and I spent my allotted nap time working frantically to download a finicky program and to try to open files that required the program.

I miss that nap I never had.


Over the weekend, I went out to the coast. It is summer now, so the glorious power of the weather that rules the coast in the winter was missing. The coast in the summer is more like a beach with water too cold for swimming. (Meaning: pretty but useless.)

I joke. I love the coast in any season.

You pretty much just have to mention the word "coast" and I will be in the car with my seatbelt on before you can turn your head to figure out where I've gone.

I ate bacon.

I remember the last time I ate bacon. It was when we helped my sister move to Mountain State in 2010. "I'm going to eat BACON!" I kept saying, but then when we got it at the restaurant, it wasn't that good and I only made it through one slice.

This bacon was amazing. I didn't even set out to eat it, but there it was for breakfast and it had pepper on the edge of it and what can I say? It was amazing. I want more of it. More bacon.

I fail as a vegetarian.

Other vegetarian failures in the last few weeks: other pork, chicken (I always cheat with chicken).

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