10 August 2014


*discussion of gluten-free products to follow*

Last night, I needed a cupcake. I mean, look. Sometimes you just need a cupcake. I needed a cupcake.

I picked up some groceries at Trader Joe's and W@lm@rt. (I was talking to someone later who started laughing and said, "That may be the only time in history that someone has mentioned those two places in the same sentence like that.") Sitting in the W@lm@rt parking lot, I started googling cupcakes.

All the gluten-free cupcakes were either far across town or closed, so I just started driving down a street with a lot of interesting restaurants on it.

I briefly considered getting ice cream instead - there is a good ice cream store on that street - but the line was out the door and down the block, and waiting in it alone seemed boring.

At the last minute before the turn to go back to my house, I remembered the natural foods store. They would have something. Gluten-free cookies, or something.

But lo! They actually had gluten-free cupcakes from a bakery in town (one of the places that closes early).

I got a chocolate one with chocolate icing, and I brought it home.

Then I ate a bunch of watermelon and raspberries and I almost wasn't hungry for it, but I soldiered on. I wasn't letting the cupcake go. 

It was delicious.

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