21 June 2014


Speaking of driving in a law-abiding manner: one time I was visiting T. in the suburbs of the Windy City, and for some reason she had to be somewhere, and I locked myself out of the house. (I think this happened when I went to get something out of my car and the front door locked automatically behind me. I should have just guessed at the garage code. I probably still could guess at the garage code and get it right.)

I drove around in my car for a while, and I happened to be returning to T.'s family home at exactly the same time as she was. She followed me through the neighborhood. 

I stopped at a stop sign, completely, as I do, and according to T., her mental sound track went, "What is that person doing? Why would you stop at that stop sign? Oh, they are from [the Mitten]. OH, IT IS M. OF COURSE IT IS."

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