22 June 2014

close encounters

Other recent encounters with police officers:

  1. State trooper next to the on ramp from one highway (speed limit 65) to another highway (speed limit 55). I was still going 66 despite signs about the change. It was dark. S/he did not pull me over. 
  2. Officer on a motorcycle behind me in one of those gentrified fancy-store neighborhoods. I actually remembered to stop before the box at the intersection so I didn't block it, so I felt pretty good. When I crossed the intersection, I got stuck trying to turn left into a parking lot, and had a brief friendly chat with the oncoming driver who was blocking my turn because he was waiting for pedestrians to cross. When I got into the parking lot, the officer pulled someone else over.
  3. Two officers on bicycles near the same street (it's the street where I go to buy macarons, sigh). People don't notice that they are police on the bicycles, so they do crazy things like pull across the street right in front of them. The officers caught up with me while I waited for a light, but I remembered to glance over my shoulder for bicycles before making my right turn. One of them was right there to my right, between me and the curb, but he waved me through the intersection ahead of him.
  4. Unmarked car over by the tea place passed me twice while I was walking. I peered after it both times, possibly making myself look suspicious in the process. Really I was just curious.

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