02 June 2014

medical :: tonsil

Whenever I find myself having the mental go-to-the-doctor-or-not debate, it involves my throat. It's like my tonsils are little sensors that go off whenever there is something wrong in my body.

This time, specifically, it is my right tonsil.

I have been feeling my right tonsil for a while - I mentioned it to my dad on Friday, and by then it had already been going on for a while - not so much in a painful way, just that there was clearly something there in my throat, which usually there is not.

Starting yesterday, though, it's been hurting, that one tonsil. Last night I had a moment where I wasn't sure I could swallow my own spit around that tonsil.

Today, I keep getting things stuck on it when I swallow food. Does that sound disgusting?

It is disgusting.

I am not going to the doctor, however, because twice last year I went to the doctor convinced that there had to be something wrong because I felt so awful, and what did they tell me? Allergies. (Some of which is actually non-allergic rhinitis. For which I use the short-hand of allergies because everyone knows what they are.)

Also, I have my annual physical next week, and it feels silly to go to the doctor two weeks in a row. If this is non-allergy allergies, I'll be fine until next week. If it's viral, I'll be fine until next week.

If it's strep throat, I'm screwed, but hopefully (likely), given the way my eyes are watering and my nose is running, it is not strep throat, and I will survive this period of VERY HIGH GRASS POLLEN, and next year I will remember to dose myself with much more sudafed much sooner.

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