31 May 2014


I learned something today, which is that my new strategy of healthy eating that works very well in day to day life (essentially eating mostly fruits, veggies, and nuts) does not work so well while hiking.

I ate a metric ton of nuts, it felt like, but the calories from them never got to my brain or my muscles. An apple with maple almond butter didn't go very far. And that was all I had, other than a granola bar that I did not want to eat because I am trying to avoid grains.

On a daily basis, I feel much better without eating grains.

But apparently I need carbs to hike.

I spent most of a 6 mile hike dizzy with hunger.

If you know me, you know that dizzy with hunger is not my optimal state. It makes me a little bonkers. I can't see straight. Literally. The world is fuzzy. It doesn't happen so much when I'm in the middle of something important - I can make it through a Major Work Event just fine, no matter how hungry I am - but while hiking up and up and up? Fog.

Anyway, I hiked. It was pretty, like hiking in State of Happiness generally is, with bubbly little streams and majestic tall trees. It was good exercise. There were new people to talk to - weirdly, most of the people on this particular hike had lived overseas at one point or another.

Sometimes you just need to get out of the city and walk in the forest, even if you see it through a haze of hypoglycemia.

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