23 April 2014


* Warning: this post talks about food. And gluten or the lack of it.*

The last two years have been kind of crazy. I can feel them in my body.

First there was breaking up with someone, in the aftermath of which I ate all the gummy candy. All of it. All of it in the world. There is no gummy candy left.

Then there was the moving to Gone West and working more hours than are healthy, with no time to cook or work out.

Then there was the chaos of moving/not-moving back to the Mitten.

Now there is the living in other people's houses.

Somewhere in there, I lost my habit of eating a salad every evening. I used to have a salad (topped with nuts and cheese) as my dinner every night when I lived in Gone West the first time, and I think even after I moved to Universe City. But then I started working out all the time, and I was too hungry to have a salad be my entire dinner, and slowly the salad habit went away and, in the upheaval of the last two years, I started eating many, many carbs.

Going gluten free helped a little with carbs, but it also made it harder to keep my carbs complex. It's virtually impossible to not eat meat and not eat gluten and not eat sugar. The sugar is the one that I've kept.

For a long time, I didn't really notice. I felt fine. Sort of. At least, I couldn't pin my exhaustion specifically on the salad trend, so I called it fine.

A week ago, though, I suddenly had this moment where, like realizing that you are SO HUNGRY YOU COULD GNAW ON WOOD, I needed a salad immediately. I was craving vegetables so hard that I didn't think I would make it long enough to drive the store to get them.

And boom, there is my salad habit again. I haven't gotten as elaborate yet - it's just spinach and carrots and sugar snap peas and dressing, so far - but man, it feels good.

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