21 April 2014

oh, hey

I think I forgot that I have a blog. For nine years, I have faithfully posted things here, and then I just up and forgot for a couple of weeks straight.

Oh, well.


So, I am usually a very good driver. I frequently border on annoying, in fact. I am that car driving 58 in a 55, with a long line of cars behind me just ITCHING to pass me.

I stop fully at stop signs. Sometimes twice, if I'm coming out of a parking lot (State of Happiness law requires that you stop once before the sidewalk and once before the street. I almost always do).

As I said when I was driving to/from the Mitten, I don't even hit my brakes when I pass a police officer/state trooper/deputy sheriff on the highway. Because I don't need to, yo.

The other night, driving back to the place where I am house/dog sitting, I actually could/should have been pulled over by a Gone West police officer I passed on the highway. This is approximately the 2nd time in my life this has happened. (The first time was in Utah when I was 20 and testing the governor on T.'s Volvo.) Not only was I driving 63 in a 50 mph zone the other night (in the city, the highways here go down to 50 mph speed limits), but I was weaving from one lane to another and back.

In fairness to me, my speedometer reads fast. I might have only been going 60.

In further fairness to me, I only went over a lane because there was a car on the shoulder and in the dark I could not tell if there was anyone in it. After I passed it, I went back to the right lane.

Probably the real reason the officer did not pull me over, though, is that I'm a white woman driving a cheap little car.


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