27 April 2014

start stop start

I dragged the dog along on another run tonight. 

It goes like this: I run along at a steady pace. The dog bounds ahead, smells something, and stops dead. I keep running at a steady pace until my arm is yanked out of its socket by the leash, because the dog is firmly braced, trying to smell whatever it was he smelled. 

Also, he doesn't really understand the concept of not running directly in front of my moving feet.

I am deliberately keeping the mileage down. I know from experience that I can go out and run three miles. I also know that I will then force myself to run three miles every time I run, and this is 1. time prohibitive at the beginning, 2. demotivating because I'm out of shape and its hard, and 3. terrible for my knees.

I have this blissful hope that my knees will be better this time, if I start with only a mile or a little more per day, three or four days a week, and build up super slowly. Also, I'm walking a lot due to work and life in a bigger city, and just maybe this is making all the other muscles in my legs stronger, so my knees will have more support.

One can always hope, and I do.

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