25 April 2014

doggy jog

I took the dog for a jog tonight.

I haven't run in a year or so, and it was two years ago when last I ran on a regular basis. But I went for a hike on Sunday, and I could feel that my lungs are getting lazy. 

It took until today for me to find my running shoes. They were at my old house. Details.

I collected them and then came back to where I am housesitting, where the idea of going for a walk made the dog lose his shit. He was bounding around like a puppy.

I take him for a walk almost every day. And it appeared from the state of the house that someone else had also taken him for a walk today. (Some neighbors and family members also have keys.) 

A walk is not a new thing. Still, as he gets more comfortable with my presence in his house, he feels more free to let himself go all batty about things like this. He gets wilder, and I have to get stricter about making him "Sit. Sit. SIT. NO REALLY SIT ALL THE WAY DOWN." before and while I put the leash on.

I ran for about 15 of 20 minutes. The dog struggled with the part where I wouldn't let him smell everything in sight, but otherwise his old body managed just fine.

It is sad and pathetic that I can feel the 15 minutes of running in my legs. There needs to be more of this running in my future.

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