05 November 2013

5: nunca

I am a little bit annoyed with myself for signing up for NaBloPoMo again. 

I mean, look. This is one of those points in life - possibly the first point in life, actually - where I am becoming very deliberate about what gets my time and what does not. I have to be deliberate about this, because otherwise work and jiu jitsu are going to take over my life, and we all know how I get when I don't get enough sleep.

Speaking of which, I got up and left jiu jitsu last night after the main class and before the rolling, because I knew I needed to go home and do some things and not get to bed too late. I was sad to do it - I really want to improve my jits - but it was also very deliberate. 

It can be really freeing to make choices like that.

I have narrowed my life down to: work, exercise, Spanish, sleep, rest, and occasionally a friend or two if they fit into the weekend. And, apparently, blogging.

"I know how to say that I"m tired," I told the Guatemalan grandpa on skype, "but on the other side, how do you say...?"

"Descansada," he said. 

"I'm never descansada," I said. "I would like to be."


Today I went to Trader Joe's. Fine. Not exciting.

On the way in, I went to the right a little to drop a clumped up kleenex from my pocket into the garbage can as I walked by it. The kleenex slipped out of my hand, so I had to turn back around to see if it actually made it into the trash can. Turning back toward the door, I tripped on the bunched up mat outside the door, did a little pirouette, and stumbled into the store. 

Elegante. With an extra e, obviously.

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