14 May 2013


Not long after I moved back to Gone West, I made the mistake of putting my earrings and watch into the front pocket of my sweatshirt before I went to bed, and in the morning I found one earring and my watch lying next to me on the bed, but the other earring was nowhere to be found.

I looked under the bed.

I looked through the covers.

I looked along the edge of the bed frame.

I looked through mthe sheets when I took them off to wash them.


On Sunday, I washed my sheets and they were not quite dry as of bedtime, so I put on my second best sheets. I don't think I've used them since I moved in, since if the favorite ones are dry I will just put them right back on.

This morning I woke up with my lost earring sticking in my back.

I just... I don't even get it. Where did this earring come from?

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