12 May 2013


I have never had dark circles under my eyes on a regular basis, not until I moved back to Gone West. 

It isn't Gone West itself that is causing the dark circles (this really is my favorite place ever), but it's a whole combination of things: a trip to the Mitten followed immediately by an interview and an acceptance of a new job and a month of packing and a move and a new job and another trip to the Mitten and saying yes to everything and and and...

I also have roommates now, who get up later than I do, and we tend to start a conversation right as I should be going to bed.

But! Last week I forced myself to go to bed in time to get something in the general 8 hour range (although never quite eight hours) and lo! the dark circles are not a permanent fixture. 

I'm fighting my way back to regular appearances here. It's just that sleep is pretty much my number one priority. Sleep and having a social life. 

I do so love this town.

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