23 May 2013


So I went to the doctor, because I thought I had a sinus infection, and he told me that my sinuses are full of mucus (enough that the membrane in my ear doesn't vacillate when he puffs air on it), but they aren't infected, they are just full, so good luck with that.

Then he told me that once my immune system went batty like this I should expect to develop allergies wherever I live, if I live there long enough, and I stared at him in horror as all my hopes for ever being free of this struggled to survive. (I don't believe him. I refuse to believe him. My hope lives.)

Then he told me to try zinc gluconate lozenges, because they are a local immuno-suppressant, and I am trying them, and now my mouth tastes like metal all the time, but they might actually help. (It's hard to say after only 24 hours. I will keep you posted.)

Then he told me to call for antibiotics when I feel like I"ve been hit by a truck.

Lovely with a touch of sarcasm.

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