24 May 2013

2013 accident #2

I was sitting in my room, playing way too much Bejeweled on my new iPhone, if you must know, when I heard a car honk long and loud and then a thud.

It wasn't a very loud thud. I actually considered just ignoring it, but my car and my roommate's car are both parked right in front of our house, and I dragged myself away from Bejeweled (it is a serious addiction) to go check on them.

What I found was a very small woman standing outside the door of a big sedan, yelling about how the other driver had hit her while she was stopped at a stop sign. 

The other driver, a tall man about the same age as her (mid-sixties) got out of his car just for a moment, and then got back in his car and drove away.

Lawyer that I am, that was when I started down the steps, because I wanted to tell him that driving off was the worst thing he could do. 

I was too late, of course, to save him from himself.

I really do not like being a witness to things that might require me to testify in court. We law-like people would rather be the ones asking the questions.

Fortunately, the lady took my name and number and went to a friend's house to call the police, and I have not yet had to talk to anyone. Maybe we can keep it that way.


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