03 February 2013


My roommate J. suggested that we have people over to watch the Super Bowl, and I dithered for a while because ah! people! I would have to clean the house, and how many people are we inviting, and will there be room for everyone?

In the end, we had just a few of her football-minded friends and just a few of mine, and it was fantastic.

I made a salad and some chocolate bread pudding (my new favorite thing OF LIFE). Other people brought far too much artichoke dip and pizza and bread and nachos, and we all ate until we felt sick.

When the first few people left and an entire short couch opened up (the little orange one that used to be my only couch in Gone West, moved up from the spare room for the occasion), I laid back on it and groaned, trying to let my stomach rest.

I don't care about American football, but I do like a manageable gathering of friends who like it.

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