04 November 2012

[4] light(less)

I am huddled in front of my happy light, because even when the sun is shining and it is 70 degrees in November, that light out there isn't strong enough to keep me from the sad. The happy light is my one remaining link to sanity this time of year.

It's Sunday afternoon, and you know what I should be doing? Working. I have a Major Work Event scheduled for Tuesday, and my preparation so far has been along the lines of "Meh, I've had pretty much the same Major Work Event twice before. I'll just use those documents."

Also I am canvassing for the Obama campaign at 6 pm, so it's starting to feel useless to go to work. Except that I need to, really.

But I don't want to. I want to sit in front of my happy light and do nothing and rest. And rest. There is so little rest in life, and I am the girl who wants to have things to do all the time, adventures to take, friends to see. Some weeks, though, it feels like the things to do are all business and no fun. Fun busy is restful. Work busy is not.

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