17 November 2012

[17] fragrant

I went to the allergist on Thursday, and she took one look at the eczema on my neck and asked if I'd gone fragrance-free yet.

As if.

My shampoo smells like lovely green tea and lime, although the last one I had was a really powerful pear smell that I had to give to my roommate because it actually burned when the conditioner touched my neck... oh.

She sent me home with samples of Free & Clear shampoo and conditioner.

I have also avoided the delicious-smelling smoothing gel I'd been using, and suddenly my hair doesn't feel all scratchy on my skin when it touches my neck.


I suppose this means I have to give up my favorite lavender laundry detergent, too. And my favorite lavender dryer sheets.

I am going to smell like nothing but deodorant from here on out. So far deodorant does not bother my skin.

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