16 November 2012

[16] bumper

So I was going to go to a bar that has pool and darts and video games with my friend J., but instead J. and L. invited me over for dinner, which was a delicious cold grain and squash dish. (J. contested the description of it as "a salad" because it was more grains and seeds than vegetables.)

Then L.'s friend needed help moving a tv that apparently weighs as much as L. does, so J. handed me his computer and they left, which means that I am sitting in someone else's living room, typing on someone else's computer, just a little bit tipsy from a gin and tonic.

Sitting here after half an hour of playing online, I remember that my car was behind J.'s car. I am not exactly sure how they got the car out. When they first left, I kept expecting them to come back and say, "Uh. We just hit your car" but this hasn't happened, so I assume that the departure went smoothly. Now I wonder how they will get the car back in.

That car thing has happened. I think I once backed a car into my grandma's car in her driveway. Or maybe it was the other way around. I don't really remember. Nothing was damaged.

And once in Rwanda I was backing my Prado out of a parking spot on the main road by the post office boxes and someone else was backing his little Corolla out of a spot directly across the road and our two rear ends collided, gently. Well, gently for the Prado. It was my bumper versus the top of his trunk, and the bumper won. My car was fine. His trunk was severely dented. 

I got out of the truck and walked back to see how things were. People gathered.

The other driver took one look at the trunk, got back in his car, and drove away.

I was confused, but someone knowledgeably informed me that the other guy probably didn't have insurance and couldn't risk the police showing up. With nothing else to do, the crowd dispersed and I drove away.

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