18 October 2012


I never considered skipping advanced fighting class, but I did realize on the way there how very tired I was. Lifting my arms seemed like it would take effort. (It did take effort. Noticeable effort.)

I had a long, hard day. I need a vacation after just yesterday and today. 

But I went to class anyway (I was four blocks away from class when I realized how tired I was), and whoa. I started out tired, and I ended up mushy like jello. Halfway through, I wasn't sure that I actually was capable of one more round kick.

I didn't have much of a choice, of course. It was kick another round kick - and another - and another - or look like a wimp. We are not wimps in fighting class. 

I kicked, and I punched, and I knife-sparred, and my only injuries are a cut on my lip and multiple bruises beginning on my knife hand. So a good class, really.

Now if only I could get up and get ready for bed. Sitting here thinking how tired I am isn't helping.

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