24 March 2012


One of the downsides of being not a morning person, in this part of the world, is that the days are tricksy. They like to start out beautiful, and then descend into clouds, wind, and rain as the day goes on.

This happened today. A friend and I had agreed to go for a wee little hike up a wee little mountain, but I spent the morning trying to decide whether to wash my hair today (what? I don't wash my hair every day and I am trying to plan for traveling to the Netherlands so that I am not all greasy and disgusting on the plane), and she spent the morning doing important things, and by the time we headed out, it was 2 pm.

By the time we got up on the mountain, the wind was blowing and freezing. I had to borrow S-K's gloves and hat. We didn't even stay to enjoy the view. We just turned around and marched back down.

Sometimes I wish I was a morning person, and then I remember how wonderful it feels to lie in bed in the morning, doing nothing.

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