02 December 2011

i am getting sleeeeepy

I've gotten in this habit now, and it feel weird to go to bed without adding to the blog (even if it is 1:16 am and I have to leave for Gone West at 6:30 and I am the slowest person ever at getting ready in the morning). (Hi! I am blogging about blogging. Tedious.)

I have mentioned how my roommate works for an organization that organizes cultural events. Periodically she has extra tickets, and I go. Which I did, tonight.

And I was reminded once again how you can't take me anywhere.

First of all, why do they give you a program and then turn the lights down? Words are for reading. I kept putting the program up near my eyes to read about, I don't know, the instrument that person was holding (very expensive, very), and I had to strain my eyes. This can't be good for them.

Second, why is there not enough room to change your leg position without kicking the person in front of you? Am I supposed to be able to sit still for hours? Are there people who can do that?

Third, why would you start a concert of quiet music at 8 pm? That is like asking me to take a nice little snooze. Calming music, soft seats, dark room, evening? That sounds an awful lot like my bed.

I mean, don't get me wrong. I love cultural events. I am full of culture. It's just that it doesn't go so well with my ADHD when the cultural events are so soothing and quiet, and it's a bit of a let-down after a fighting class where the instructor spent the last ten minutes (running over time, making me nearly late for the cultural event) yelling at me to punch the focus mitts harder because he knows I can, and he wants me to do it right.

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