22 December 2011

Cookie Count

For the last five* or so Christmases, I have had to institute a Cookie Count for all days around the holidays that are not actually party days. Party days are exempt.

A Cookie Count is exactly what it sounds like: I make a little tick for every cookie I eat in a given day. It starts to get scary sometimes. I can eat a lot of cookies. When I have to make a cross-tick and then start on the second set of five, the day is just a complete loss.

The Cookie Count is not, strictly speaking, a weight-management tactic. It's more of a sugar-management tactic. I am not a doctor, but I can only surmise that adding half a cup or so of sugar to your body every day for the month of December is not that healthy.

Most years, my cookie consumption goes like this:

I'll just have one cookie here after lunch.

Hm, that was good. Maybe one more.

I haven't had an orange-frosted one yet.

Oh! Those three were all Very Good Icebox Cookies! I haven't had an almond one yet!

I'll just grab one more - or maybe two more - almond cookies on my way back to work. It's better to end on the almond flavor.

And that's just lunch, never mind post-breakfast snack, mid-morning snack, pre-lunch snack, mid-afternoon snack, pre-fighting class snack, post-fighting class snack, and bedtime snack.

You see the need for a Cookie Count.

So it's very strange that this year I have had almost no need at all for a Cookie Count. I've eaten plenty of cookies when I brought them to parties, but only a few on my own. In fact, I have had to remind myself to bring a cookie along for morning snack these last few days, because otherwise they are going to end up going to waste.

It isn't that I don't like cookies. I like them fully as much as I always have. I think there are actually two things going on. First, I have finally reached that age where eating all the junk food you want to eat no longer feels good. (TRAGEDY.) Second, I am way way too busy to sit around my house eating cookies.

I feel kind of lost without my Cookie Count. And furthermore, I feel much too old. This self-control thing is totally overrated.

* Prior to the last five years, I just ate all the cookies I wanted.

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life is a journey said...

Your list of when you eat cookies makes me think of you as a hobbit:) With their Breakfast, tea, elevensies, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper...you would make a good hobbit:) haha