10 November 2011

furthermore: ha

The beauty of having a wee little blog in a corner of the internet that only a few people read is that, particularly in the month of November when you are blogging every day and running out of things to say, you can ramble on about things that interest only you.

So, let's talk about how my back hurts.

My back hurts.

Like, a lot.

My back hurts enough that by lunch time I squirm in my chair at work. I went to the chiropractor for it yesterday, and she told me that I had pulled a muscle right under my shoulder blade on the right side. She worked on it for a while.

The result is that it now 1. still hurts just as much, and 2. feels bruised. Sweet.

She also told me to ice it and to do something she called, "resting it." I don't know what that means. Rest? What is that? Have you ever heard of it?

Apparently part of this rest thing is not doing push-ups or punches.

I can only respond like this: ha. And furthermore: ha.

Normally, I would use any excuse to laze about, but this is fighting we are talking about. I can't give it up. It's like an addiction.

I did planks instead of push-ups yesterday, and since it was just me and one of the instructors tonight, we skipped push-ups in favor of practicing the core strengthening exercises that his physical therapist has him working on. (Side note: ow.)

I did not stop punching, though, nor did I skip practicing elbows. And I recently bought my own boxing gloves, which are 16 ounces instead of the 12 I had been practicing with, so just holding my hands up at my temples is work.

Which possibly explains why my back hurts more than ever.

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