16 March 2011


I'm sleeping on the floor again. Not the very floor itself, but on my mattress, which is once again on the floor. It feels familiar, this floor sleeping, largely because I slept on the floor for about nine months when I moved to Gone West, although that was on an air mattress and now I have a Real Mattress.

How I ended up on the floor when two days ago I had a real bed goes like this: I bought a bedframe before I had a mattress because I was sick of sleeping on the floor and I could not afford both. I had some prospects for free beds, and one of them was a queen, so I bought a queen-sized bedframe, but I ended up with a full-sized mattress, courtesy of the K.s. This was all very well in my old place - I just used the extra space around the mattress (the bottom was slatted) to store things like my old long arm brace and my flax seed warming pillow.

My new place does not have enough space to play around with a bedframe that is six inches too long and six inches too wide. I need one that fits, so I can fit a dresser into my room. Being me, of course, I have been living here for five months and have not gotten around to this. I am literally still living out of a suitcase. I have an embarrassing tolerance for things like that.

Serendipitously, this weekend I found out that my friends needed a new queen-sized bedframe, preferably with open slats. Magic.

It's just that I had forgotten how annoying it is to have your mattress on the floor. I mean, where do you set things?

This is definitely going to drive me to the purchase of a new bedframe the very next time I get up to Gone West, the location of everything awesome, including 1ke@. (Hearts, flowers.)

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