27 May 2008

two bits

It's been eleven years since I graduated from high school and seven since I graduated from college. I've made lives for myself, long-term or short-term, in seven cities in five countries on two continents. I have an official card to show that I'm a full-fledged attorney, allowed into courthouses and prisons. And I sometimes still find myself thinking, as life happens, "Don't they know I'm not grown up enough for this?"


I love the location of my building. I love that I can walk to everything. I love that my commute is ten minutes on any of two buses or two trains. I love that there is an exercise room. I love that the building smells good. I love the courtyard in the middle. What I don't love? THE IDIOT WHO KEEPS PULLING THE FIRE ALARM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. People, this is not a frat house. And pulling the fire alarm? By the fifth time, at five a.m., it's no longer funny. I just want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

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