25 May 2008

iced coffee in the sun

The weather people predicted thunderstorms yesterday, but the sunshine and 75 degrees persisted until evening. I went to the library, again, and got the nine books that I had put on hold. They filled my backpack to overflowing and I staggered under their weight. I sat outside with the first of books at a coffee shop, drinking an iced toddy, as they call them here, cold brewed coffee with hazelnut syrup. I had asked hopefully at the counter about hazelnut cold brewed coffee, but that exists apparently only in New York. People are snobs about coffee out here, and they don't like them pre-flavored. The sun shone and the train clattered past me.

In the evening, I took the train out to S.'s place to watch a movie. The sun was heading toward setting while the sky filled with clouds coming, oddly, from the east. The light was nearly gone down where I walked, but it lit the tops of the ancient tall pines. Thunder finally rolled across the sky, and a few drops of rain landed in the very same place on my forehead.

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