26 September 2007

law di law law

I listened to a law-related presentation today (actually, multiple law-related presentations), and I remembered that I used to like this stuff. There’s a reason I went to law school. Okay, three years of law school very nearly beat the love out of me, but I do find it fundamentally interesting. And now, as law school fades into the almost blocked-out past, I can enjoy law again, maybe. I was excited to do something development-related for a while, but today made me realize that I really do like law. I would not be happy doing something that required only my first degree.

It’s a good realization because law is exactly what I’ve committed myself to doing in the next few months. Bar exam, here I come. (I’m glad I waited, though, because I was not emotionally equipped to handle a bar exam in June/July. Not at all. Toooooo tired. It’s a stupid plan to make people study for and take this huge test immediately after three years of non-stop stress. Cruel.)

Anyway, so there were these law-related presentations. Fascinating. (I am SUCH a nerd.)

Nothing else has changed. Well, nothing interesting. I did discover that the wrinkled yellow fruits that I rejected in the little market the other day are my beloved passion fruits in different form. The ones in Rwanda were small and green. These are large and yellow. But they taste the same. So there’s an additional fruit option.

My stomach is still not happy (witness: posts while in Michigan). Now I’m not sure whether to blame Liberia or Southern Sudan for what is not a parasite (treated myself for that in Nairobi) but may be bacterial or something completely different. (Try googling “chronic diarrhea.” It will convince you that I’m on the verge of death. That or that I’m making it all up.) Also, it’s sometimes hard to differentiate between “these greens taste like dirt” and “my stomach feels like crap.” They are remarkably similar at times. Especially when the salt disappears for days at a time. (I’ve never been a salt adder. But it is absolutely necessary here.)

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traci said...

1. this stomach thing is starting to scare the crap out of me. once you pass the bar exam, (or even before) next step equals get a job with superior insurance.

2. i enjoy theology too much more now that i'm out of seminary. what's up with that, anyway?