27 September 2007

A few things I’ve realized:

  1. Any time someone here starts a story with “So he took some money and went to Ethiopia…” that story will end badly. Generally he will either get robbed or abscond with the money, but the list of possible bad endings is apparently endless.
  2. If you live in North America, you expect to see your reflection in windows and doors when you pass windows. You may not realize that you do, but you do. It’s really disconcerting never to see a reflection in a window. There are no glass windows here.
  3. I have not seen a proper door handle since Juba in the middle of August. I’ve only seen latches with or without padlocks.
  4. The only way to avoid eating half a can or more of Pringles at a time is to take a handful as I leave my room. Otherwise, one Pringle leads to another.

1 comment:

traci said...

1. what are the windows made of?
2. why oh WHY are you not on skype right now, because i´m bored out of my mind while e. is trying to sort out some work problem.

3. do they have the cheddar cheese prngles there? i LOVE THOSE SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA.