17 May 2006

The upside of having health problems like golf elbow (which has not disappeared, by the way) and torn-ish ligaments is that pain is bad. Not THE pain is bad, although that is true sometimes, too, but pain itself is a bad thing. Occupational therapy is not supposed to hurt, nor is anything you do. If it hurts, you stop, because continuing makes it worse. The opposite is true in, say, running a marathon or my mom's frozen shoulder. Those things have to hurt and you just have to keep going through the hurt. But with the problems I have, pain is conveniently a bad thing. No pressing on through the pain. Instead, when the wrists or arms hurt I get to rest. Nice.

Until yesterday, when we started scar massage.

I tried to think of some way to describe scar massage without swear words, but I was unsuccessful. There is no way. Unfortunately, the lingering pain of it makes me not want to do the range-of-motion exercises either, because the whole thing is so sore. Ow.

The good news, though, is that I can now get money out of the pocket of my jeans without severe pain in my hand. Which makes me happy. Something must be getting better in there.

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