14 May 2006

ploughing on

The "maybe I should drop the semester" point is now long past. I'm in too deep. Development is gone. I'm reviewing corporations one or two more times, but Damaris and I went over a couple of practice exams and it is possible to just follow the outline and think of things as they come up in the outline and it made quite a bit of sense to me, so I just want to do it and have it done.

I also used Damaris' phone to call and buy my Liberia ticket, since my phone is dripping dry (I have hope that it will be healed in a few days). That's over $2565 on one little ticket. Unbelievable. When they said, "If you need to cancel you can also choose to put it toward a more expensive ticket," I just started laughing. I flew back and forth to Rwanda for half this price, and Rwanda is a hard place to get to. There are very few tickets that can feasibly be more than this and still be purchased in advance in economy class (excluding round-the-world and such).

One week and 12 hours to surgery number 2.

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